Falling into the Lap of Inexpensive Experience of Yellow Diamonds

‘Diamonds’ an explicitly beautiful antique to present, is the costliest of everything today. Carving for diamond is popular but a knack for yellow diamonds is in the latest trend. As these diamonds are hardly available around, they are even more costly than the other diamonds. A very fine yellow diamond with good shape and cut can cost thousands of dollars. Very rarely found, these diamonds appear bright yellow in color. Earlier it was not much known but now due to the growing interest of famous people all around for this diamond, the popularity has touched the skyline along with the cost. These are mostly developed artificially and are available all throughout the world and a piece of real diamond of yellow color is hard to find.

These diamonds are made due to the presence of nitrogen atoms instead the carbon. The nitrogen atoms bring a yellowish texture to the diamond which appears to be bright yellow in color. However, it can only be traced in large diamond mines; even then the chances are only 1 percent of all the diamonds. Whatever may be the reason; these diamonds are a real exploration to the beauty world.

From ordinary to the extra ordinary world, these yellow diamonds have a dazzling effect which has shear worth of antiqueness in it. These are available loosely or studded with the jewelries and can be purchased from diamond stores. But not all diamond stops offer the best price, quality and returns. So, while buying a yellow diamond one should be very thoughtful about it.

Known to be the largest of all tiffany yellow diamond was discovered in South Africa. It was cut in a cushion shape to excel its brilliance. Tiffany diamond is 287 carats and is known to be one of the best diamonds all through the world. The grace of yellow diamond bounds a person to own it but its cost is much more than any other diamond present. Therefore there is slow move towards the artificial diamonds which are same as the real ones but cost much lesser than the original. These qualities make the fake diamonds in much fashion than the original ones especially for the yellow colored diamonds.

Yellow diamonds were very rarely looked upon, as they were considered to be the poorest quality of diamonds. But now with more and more such diamonds in demand, there is a shortage of very best diamonds all over. The celebrities have given the market of yellow colored diamonds a real boost, due to which it has been known to be the most sought after diamonds all through. This color is bright, lively and natural inculcating a glowing effect to the array of diamonds today.


Pink Diamonds – Captivating Women All Round the World


Since the year 2002, the Pink Diamond has become much popular of all the precious gemstones. Developed by the blend of extreme pressure and heat within the Earth’s core, diamonds are brought to the Earth’s surface by early volcanic activities. The diamonds which you treasure and wear are more than 200 million years old and the pink shade diamond is considered to be specifically ancient, nearly 300 to 500 million years old. Diamonds are well popular because of their combination of extreme scarcity with extreme popularity. High quality pink diamonds are considered to be the most expensive natural diamond in the market at present.

Buy a pink shade diamond:

If a woman is thinking to buy a pink diamond, she must be very careful as it is a foremost decision which will require much deliberation and thought. The most important issue which needs to be treated initially is the budget. No wonder the value of pink shade diamond explodes as their color intensity and size grows. Next issue that needs to be considered is the type of color intensity of the diamond which the woman desires to purchase. Although the diamonds tend to look similar, the fact is that every diamond is quite different. Two pink diamonds might be similar in size, but they will differ in their value. There are many factors which a woman considers while buying diamonds and they are shape, clarity, weight, and color brilliance.  A combination of these factors helps in determining the monetary value of the diamonds.

Tips a woman should consider when caring for her diamonds:

  • The diamonds generally scratch each other and other jewelry, so never jumble them together.
  • Wrap the diamond jewelry in a fabric lined box or case which has dividers or compartments.
  • Never wear the diamond jewelry doing heavy work.
  • The points of diamond are very vulnerable to chipping and regular activity can loosen the setting.
  • A clear diamond reflects light much better than the one which has been dulled by household or cosmetic products.
  • Mix mild liquid detergent with warm water and clean the diamond at least once every month.
  • The diamond jewelry should never come in direct contact with bleach, chlorine or any other chemical as they can discolor the mounting.
  • Make sure that the diamond jewelry is cleaned and checked by the jewellery professional every year.


A pink diamond is a fancy diamond, which is found in various shades, from light to dark and its monetary value is graded on its color scale. Australia is the major source of 90% of all pink shade diamonds. It is a common knowledge that pink diamonds are considered to be very rare yet very popular and expensive. They are considered to enhance the personality of the women as they symbolize romance, beauty, love and fun. The color pink is feminine and so women are more inclined in purchasing them as it suits their personality in a pleasant manner.

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